A large emphasis is placed on fair-play here at Sports Camp. A total of 2 official warnings in any sport will mean you will be required to appear before a disputes council. This will likely result in harsh penalties for the athlete and his/her team.

Referees are not infallible but they guarantee to be impartial. Their decision is final. Mike Ward is available for the referral and settlement of any disputes or appeals. Please communicate any queries through your team manager only.

Where both male and female are participating, consideration must be shown to females, e.g. speed of pitching softball, tackling in soccer. Inconsiderate or dangerous play will be penalised.

Draws have been arranged to reduce overlap. Where clashes occur, it is the group’s responsibility to field a team. Team games take precedence over individual games, however individuals playing in the individual games must play them immediately to allow completion of the draws. Due to the large range of sports, clashes are inevitable. If/when this occurs the team has the option of either forfeiting one of the games or they can field a weaker team, the latter still providing your team with valuable points—though organisers will endeavour to avoid it, the same also applies to semis and finals.

It is the responsibility of each team to make themselves aware of their start times. Due to the busy nature of the weekend, delayed starts cannot occur. If a team fails to show at a match, after 5 minutes from the sound of the siren, the match will be forfeited to the opposition (providing the opposition is in full attendance).

All must be made through the referee.